How can I donate to Teen Cancer America through Omni Cheer?

You can donate to Teen Cancer America through Omni Cheer online only (no phone donations). All customers will have the option to round up their order total to the nearest dollar or add a dollar amount to their order total.

Is my Teen Cancer America donation refundable?

No, all Teen Cancer America donations made through Omni Cheer are non-refundable. If a customer wishes to return or exchange items on the same order as their donation, they will not receive a refund for the amount of their donation.

Is my donation tax exempt?

Yes, all donations made to Teen Cancer America through Omni Cheer are tax exempt. Tax ID information can be found on the customer’s Order Confirmation email after placing their order.

Once a sublimated uniform is finalized and saved to your Sublimation Designer account, an Omni ID will be provided. Customers must use that Omni ID to call, email, or fax an order through our Sales department.

Will Omni Cheer match my donation?

Yes, Omni Cheer will match all customer donations up to a total of $10,000.

Does my donation count towards my order subtotal for free shipping?

No, your donation amount does not count towards your subtotal amount to be eligible for free shipping. To qualify for free shipping, your order subtotal must meet the required amount excluding your donation.