Is there a minimum quantity required for a sublimation order?

A minimum quantity of 6 pieces per style for initial orders.

(The style refers to the cut of the garment. We currently offer the following styles: long sleeve top, crop top, skirt, short.)

Styles cannot be mixed and matched to reach the minimum; an order for crop tops would have to include 6 crop tops.

Are Fit kits or color samples available?

Fit kits are available for both tops and bottoms in your selected style and come with all sizes (Youth X-Small - Adult 2X-Large). Each kit will also include a color swatch sample at no additional charge.

Requests for only a color swatch sample can be ordered for $10.00.

Like all non-customized products, customers have the option to return Fit Kits and swatches for a full refund within 30 days of their purchase.

How are Chassé sublimated uniforms ordered?

Visit the Sublimation design center. to build, review and share a custom design before placing an order.

Can custom graphics be added to sublimated uniforms?

Yes! The library offers a selection of graphics that can be added to a sublimated uniform for no cost, or a team logo or graphic can be uploaded. (Art fees may apply when uploaded graphics are used. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.)

What are the requirements to get an order approved for production?

Once an order and payment have been submitted, there will be a two-step approval process where the customer will provide final approval on all artwork before an order can begin production.

Are quantity discounts available for sublimation orders?

While we don't offer a quantity discount on orders, we may from time to time offer free items, like shoes, for orders that meet certain requirements. Call us or check our website and social media pages to find current offers.

How long does it take to receive an order with sublimated products?

Production on sublimation orders starts after we receive final order and artwork approval, and payment. Once started, the production for a sublimated order will take 4 - 6 weeks. After production, orders will ship and be subject to standard shipping times.

Can sublimated orders be 'rushed'?

At this time, rush orders are not available for sublimation.

Can sublimated orders be returned or exchanged?

Sublimated uniforms cannot be returned. The two-step approval process ensures that the order is correct prior to beginning production.

I received my order, and I need one more piece. Do I need to order 6 more?

As long as you have placed an original order for 6 or more pieces per style, you are able to order 3 or more pieces of the identical style and design as a fill-in order. Pricing may differ from the original order. Please contact our Sales Department at 800-299-7822 for a quote.