How long does it take to receive customized items?

Customized items are made to order and require additional production and processing time, plus shipping for personalization. After your order has been submitted with approvals and names list (if applicable), the production and processing of your customized items begins. All custom production orders ship complete. If there are any backordered items on a custom order, production will not commence until all inventory is available. View estimated customization timeframes in the chart below.

Customization Production Timeframes

Customization Type Production Time*
Tackle Twill, Embroidery, Screen Print, Imprinting, Spanglez, Rhinestones 3 to 4 weeks
Sublimation 4 to 6 weeks
Special Order - Chasse By Design 4 to 6 weeks
Special Order - GK Spirit 6 to 8 weeks
Custom Bows 3 to 4 weeks
Custom Poms 4 to 6 weeks

*Estimated time for custom production only. Additional processing and shipping time will apply.

Can I customize my items? What type of customization is possible?

Yes! You can customize many products on our site when ordering online or over the phone. Customization options include embroidery, tackle twill, rhinestones, Spanglez, imprinting, and screen print for many in-stock items, including uniform shells and skirts, warmups, practice wear, backpacks and more. We also offer fully customizable sublimated uniforms, warmups, custom bows, and custom poms.

Visit our Customization Design Library for custom examples and options.

Our Interactive Design Studio helps you visualize customizations with live renderings and fast, easy, online ordering. Just click the button to start customizing from the product page.

What items can be customized?

We can add customization to many different in-stock items including uniforms, practice wear, warmups, bags, and accessories! If an item can be customized in an online order, you will see an option to customize the item on the item page. Click the button to design and order online in just a few clicks with live renderings of your customized item.

If you need help with your customization order, contact our Sales Department at 800-299-7822 to inquire.

Is there a minimum customization order?

Minimum order quantities vary by product and type of customization and will be displayed on the product page online. Some customized orders have a minimum order requirement of six pieces or sets on an initial order, and 3 sets or pieces on fill-in orders.

Is there anything special I need to do if my order contains customized items?

If you are placing your order online, verify that all information is correct prior to submitting the order. We are not responsible for any errors such as misspellings, incorrect colors, incorrect sizing, etc. entered by the customer on any submitted order. If we have any questions regarding your order once it has been placed, we will contact you via phone or email.

If you are ordering by mail, phone, or fax, you will need to approve your order in the Omni Cheer Portal before we start production. We will email you a link to the Omni Cheer Portal within 24 – 48 hours of placing your order; simply log-in, review the order, and click on the Approve button. Please be sure to verify that all information (spelling, colors, sizes, quantities of items, etc.) is correct prior to clicking the approve button. We are not responsible for any errors such as misspellings, incorrect colors, incorrect sizing, etc. entered by the customer on any approved order. All custom orders will require payment, approval, and names list (if applicable) before the customization production can begin.

Sublimated orders require a dual approval. Click here to read more.

Can I return or exchange my customized items?

Customized items are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged.

We recommend that you order a Fit Kit or sizing samples prior to placing your custom order to ensure correct sizing. It is important to verify that your order is correct prior to placing your order. For orders placed over the phone, you will be asked to review and approve your order to verify that all information is correct. We are not responsible for errors in information entered by the customer. For more information, please read our Customization Terms of Use.

Can changes be made to the customization once an order is processed?

Once an order with customized items has been submitted and/or approved, no changes or cancellations can be made.

Please contact our Customer Engagement Department at 800-299-7822 if you have any concerns or questions, or feel free to send us an email.

How is the price for custom items determined?

Pricing for customized items varies depending on the type of customization and the number of pieces being ordered. View prices while you design online using the online design tool. For phone orders, you will receive a quote for the cost of customization at the time the order is placed.

Is it possible to add personal team logos or designs to products?

Yes! We would be happy to assist you with your personal team logo or design. Please contact our Sales Department at 800-299-7822 for more information and to receive a price quote.

Do the colors of the customization match the colors of the products

We attempt to provide the very best possible color match between our customized options and our products. Due to the way different fabrics accept dyes, we cannot guarantee exact color matches between our products and the customization.

For more information on color accuracy, please view our Terms of Use.

Will all tackle twill letters be the same size on every uniform?

There are two groups of letter sizes for tackle twill, youth and adult. Tackle twill is sized depending on whether the product is a youth or adult size garment.

If there are both youth and adult sizes on an order, both tackle twill size groups will be used on their respective garments (youth size tackle twill on youth size garments, adult size tackle twill on adult size garments) so that all uniforms look consistent.

Is it possible to add customization to item locations that are not listed?

Some items may be customized in locations other than those listed on our site. Please contact our Sales Department at 800-299-7822 for other possible location options.

Is there a character limit for names/lines of embroidery?

There is a 12 character limit for names and lines of embroidery, including punctuation and spaces.

Is it possible to buy the embroidery design or tackle twill letters only, without it being on a product?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the ability to purchase only the embroidery designs or tackle twill letters separately at this time.

Do embroidery designs have to say cheer/cheerleader/cheerleading?

Embroidery designs that say cheer, cheerleader, or cheerleading can be modified for an additional fee; please contact our Sales Department at 800-299-7822 for more information and to get a price quote.

What are the different forms of customization, and how are they applied to the products?

  • Tackle twill is a one, two or three-layered fabric appliqué, commonly used to showcase a school name, or initials, that is sewn down onto the garment.
  • Embroidery is a design created by thread that is stitched directly onto the product, typically showcasing a name or mascot.
  • Screen printing is an image, commonly of a team name or mascot, that is printed by forcing ink through a mesh screen onto a garment.
  • Tackle twill with rhinestones is a one, two, or three-layered appliqué sewn down onto the garment paired with a faceted gemstone scatter heat transfer around the team name or initials.
  • Spanglez is a flat, heat transferred embellishment commonly used to feature a team name, mascot, or an added scatter effect.
  • Imprinting is a solid, metallic, or glitter film design used for a team name or mascot that is heat transferred onto a product.
  • Rhinestones are a faceted gemstone design, generally a team name or scatter effect, which is heat transferred onto a garment.
  • To learn about sublimation, and sublimated uniforms, click here.

Will my customized items last more than a few seasons?

Yes, customized items can last for seasons, if cared for properly. Some customers have used the same customized uniforms for all four years of high school.

How long customized items will ultimately last depend on their overall care and upkeep. Please read our Cheer Apparel Care Tips for more information.

Customization Terms of Use

Please review the following terms that govern your use and purchase of products from our site. Your use of our site constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Terms of Use.

Customized items including poms, bows, embroidery, tackle twill, screen printing, spanglez, imprinting, rhinestone, and sublimated uniforms are non-refundable, non-returnable, and cannot be returned or exchanged. We recommend ordering a Fit kit or sizing samples prior to placing your custom order. Please be aware that all customized orders take additional production time and ship after about 6 weeks, plus actual shipping time from the process date. It is your responsibility as the customer to verify that all information submitted for customized items is correct. It is important to review the entire order before submitting the order and make any necessary corrections before the order is submitted. Omni Cheer is not responsible for incorrect entries made by the customer. If for some reason you feel the information on the customized items is not correct or you need assistance, please contact us at 800-299-7822.