Solid Color In-Stock PomPI4408

Pom Poms



    Your fans will love this classic pom for cheerleaders so much they may want their own.

    • Sold individually
    • Streamer size: 3/4"W x 6"L
    • Baton handle
    • Approximately 1,400 streamers per pom
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The Solid Color Pom (P14408) is perfect for every cheer team due to its classic look. The 1400 streamers each measure ?? wide and 6? long. The durable baton helps every cheerleader keep their grip during excitable moments, and the great range of colors guarantees that you can find the right pom for your school.

A pom is a cheerleader?s best friend and the classic look of the solid color pom is perfect for all teams. The colors are bold enough to be eye-catching and the streamers will certainly increase the energy. You can switch things up by mixing and matching colors so that it?s not as uniform but still falls within school guidelines. You can also pair them up with shinier poms to create a unique look just for your squad. It?s the perfect pom for all youth and adult teams, and it offers so much versatility that it would be wise to have this one in your cheer toolbox.

There are 13 bold colors available to make shopping easier: Black, Columbia Blue, Forest Green Gold, Kelly Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue and White. These are one-size-fits-all and are perfect for any age group or any size squad.

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

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