GK All Star Custom Hair BowCB01

Custom Cheer Hair Bows


Custom All Star Cheerleader Hair Bow

    • "Customizable to fit your style
    • The Princess and The Starburst
    • Rhinestone covered to outshine the competition
    • Metallic Foil Fabric
    • Handmade in the USA to ensure quality
    • Measures 9” by 8”
    • Includes attached elastic"
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"The GK All Star Custom Hair Bows (CB001 & CB002) add a touch of you to your All Star cheer uniform. Choose from The Starburst and The Princess. They each come on a metallic foil fabric with the option of choosing one unique color to represent your squad.

As a cheerleader, you constantly have to bring a touch of you to the mat. Whether that’s your incredible sass, your amazing facials or your signature wink, you can’t afford to leave any ounce of your personality behind when you perform. There’s often the stigma of cheerleaders all being the same, but if you’re actually in the sport, you know that simply isn’t true. You don’t let other’s thoughts limit you—so why would you let your hair bow?! With two style options to choose from and even more color options, this jumbo All Star cheerleading bow helps you and your squad express yourself and push the limits.

This handmade-in-the-USA customizable bow adds a unique flair to any All-Star competition. These bows measure 9” in length by 8” in height and include an attached elastic for easy wear. The metallic foil fabric gives your team color added shine behind a gleaming layer of carefully placed rhinestones. "

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

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