All Star Starburst Custom Hair BowCB03

Custom Cheer Hair Bows


    • Customizable to fit your style
    • The Princess and The Starburst
    • Rhinestone covered to outshine the competition
    • Metallic Foil Fabric
    • Handmade in the USA to ensure quality
    • Measures 9” by 8”
    • Includes attached elastic
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The All Star Starburst Custom Hair Bow is fully color customizable to best fit the cheerleader in you. Choose from two unique rhinestone-studded styles, The Gameday and The Regal. These bows come on a sublimated glitter fabric with three colors on each.

You are full of unique features, even the ones you can’t see. Every little piece of you, inside and out, makes you who you are—and that is something special! Emulate this on and off the mat with the GK All Star Custom Hair Bow. The possibilities are endless! As a cheerleader, you know that small details can make a huge difference. One extra facial everyone throws to the crowd can be the difference between first and second. These bows feature three colors that may be customized to fit your team’s unique colors. Not to mention, these hand-made bows are covered in carefully placed rhinestone patterns for added shine. Customize until the bows are just the way you envisioned and wear your team colors with pride!

Bows measure 9” in length by 8” in height and include an attached elastic for easy wear. Bows are hand made in in the USA to ensure the best quality for the best cheerleaders!

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

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