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Fund 2 Raise CardOFR


Our Price: $5.00

    • Makes fundraising fun and easy for the whole squad
    • Helps to generate funds for performance uniforms and poms
    • Sponsors simply scratch the card to reveal their donation amount
    • Raise between 75¢ to $3.00 per scratch
    • Each card raises up to $250.00 for your team!
    • 6 quantity minimum
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When it's time to raise funds so your squad can get the supplies they need, these FunD2Raise scratch cards (OFR) will leapfrog you ahead of the pack. Simply hand one to a donor, and they'll get to scratch a spot on the card to reveal how much they give - anywhere from $0.75 to $3.00. And with $250 in potential donations on each card, donors can keep scratching for as long as they like. FunD2Raise scratch-off cards are a fun and easy way to hit your quotas fast.

While you can't spell "fundraising" without "fun," sometimes it feels like there's not much joy in it. These scratch cards keep it simple and enjoyable for your squad and your donors alike: no overpriced magazine subscriptions or candy, just a cool game-ified way to get the people you love to help out. And with each card priced at just $5.00, there's $245 worth of profit possible on every single card! Quick and easy to use, FunD2Raise is the best way to get what you need fast so you can get back to what matters - perfecting your routines and spreading spirit.

FunD2Raise scratch-off fundraising cards are available in any requested quantity with a minimum of 6 cards per order.

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

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