Asics Ultralyte Cheer IIS1543

Asics Ultralyte Cheer IIS1543

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    This top All-Star cheerleading shoe helps athletes stick their moves seamlessly for the ultimate in performance.

    • Synthetic leather and mesh upper
    • Weighs 5.6 oz.
    • Low profile
    • Stitched down sole unit
    • High density design on shoe back
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Cheer your heart out without getting sore feet in the Asic Ultralyt Cheer II (S1543), low profile cheer shoes. Made from leather and synthetic materials, these shoes weigh less than six ounces to help you jump extra high and kick as hard as you can. The clean white finish goes with any color cheer leading uniform and even looks great with practice shorts or regular clothes.

Comfortable enough to wear for hours but fancy enough for important occasions, these lightweight shoes can help you keep your energy high at all day cheerleading competitions and big games that go into overtime. When you need to be able to dazzle the judges and spectators, being light on your feet can give you the extra pizzazz that really wows them. Stick the landing every time it counts with the help of these high performance shoes for women.

The combination of leather and synthetic fabrics give this shoe structure and flexibility at the same time. With a stitched down sole to keep the shoe's profile low and simple, this is the perfect cheerleading shoe for any skill level and age. The lightweight but powerful grip on these shoes makes them perfect for a base, flyer or backspot.

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