Cheerleading Keychains


Chasse Mini Holographic Pom Keychain

    • Holographic ribbon will stand out on any cheer backpack
    • 5 color combinations are available to match your school team
    • Attaches securely and easily using key ring and bag clip
    • Enhances team spirit and showcases your passion for cheerleading
    • 2-color mini pom measures just 3.5" x 3.5"
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The Chasse Mini Holographic Pom Keychain (Item AC1713) is the best way to shout to the world your passion for cheerleading. The mini 2-color holographic mix pom keychain features an attached key ring and bag clip. You can pick and choose what color matches your team, and harness team pride wherever you go by clipping it to any travel bag! With holographic ribbon, this mini-pom keychain measures 3.5" x 3.5" and is available in a variety of team colors.

What makes a good cheerleader, you ask? Out of all the qualities that make up a substantial cheerleader, having immense team pride is one of them! Support your school or your competitive cheer team with a mini-pom keychain in your team colors! No matter where you go, people will know that you?re proud to be a cheerleader with a mini-pom keychain hanging from your travel bag. And, are you looking for gifts to give to the cheerleaders in your life? A mini-pom keychain is an affordable way to show that you not only care about them, but support their passion for cheerleading.

Mini 2-color holographic mix pom. Includes attached key ring and bag clip. Available in Black/Holographic Gold, Black/Holographic Silver, Pink/Holographic Silver, Red/Holographic Silver and Royal/Holographic Silver. Pom Size: 3.5" x 3.5"

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

Customization Available

Wait! Customize this item to make it unique to you or your team.

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