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Help Section

Campus Teamwear  FAQ

What happened to Campus Teamwear?

Campus Teamwear is no longer selling cheerleading products or services.

Omni Cheer is pleased to offer Campus Teamwear customers high quality cheer apparel, shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

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I am not familiar with Omni Cheer, can you tell me more about this company?

Omni Cheer is the largest provider of in-stock cheerleading gear. We offer affordable options for every budget. With a large selection of customizable cheerleading uniforms, warmups, bags as well as poms, bows, shoes, socks, body basics, practice wear and more – we’ve got you. For more about Omni Cheer, visit the About Us page.

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Will Omni Cheer still offer all of Campus Teamwear’s products?

Omni Cheer will carry some of Campus Teamwear’s products.

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Can I place an order with the same customization I previously ordered from Campus Teamwear

Yes, Omni Cheer has visibility to previous order history, so we can replicate embroidery and tackle twill designs if you so chose. Unfortunately, we may not have the product previously purchased through Campus Teamwear that you had customized, however we will do our best to find something that is similar.

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Does Omni Cheer have my Campus Teamwear order history?

Unfortunately, the website has limited visibility to provide previous order history, however if you call our Customer Engagement department (800-299-7822, Option 1), they are able to pull your order history for you.

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I recently placed an order with Campus Teamwear. Who should I contact about my order?

If you want to track your order, return product or are still waiting on an existing order, please contact Omni Cheer directly at 800-299-7822, Option 1.

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I want to exchange an item, who should I contact?

If the item you want to exchange has not been customized, please contact Omni Cheer (800-299-7822, Option 1) to see if your desired item is available.

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I have a customer credit with Campus Teamwear, can I use that for an Omni Cheer purchase?

Unfortunately, our website has limited visibility to credits. However, please give our Customer Engagement team a call (800-299-7822, Option 1), and they are happy to apply the Campus Teamwear credit to your Omni Cheer purchase, or provide a refund check.

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Are the payment options and terms and conditions that Omni Cheer offers the same as Campus Teamwear?

We have different payment options depending on your method of purchase. If you call our Customer Engagement team (800-299-7822), you can pay by Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Credit Card (we accept Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover Card) or Purchase Order. If you order via omnicheer.com, we only accept Credit Cards.

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