Cheer controversy!

Travis Troya, a senior at Norwin High School, is fighting to get his old spot back on the varsity cheer squad. So what exactly happened? Here's the scoop: Travis, who has been cheering all his life, made the varsity squad at his high school in June. When he had the chance to join the fiercely competitive and nationally ranked All Star squad Cali Allstars Smoed, he quit his high school squad not too long after he first made the team. He attended his high school classes via its cyberschool program and moved to Ventura in order to be closer to his new All Star team.

All was going well until he tore his meniscus and was forced to sit out. He moved back, returned to school, and wanted to rejoin the squad. However, before he could return, the coach informed he had to receive the OK from the district athletic director and the high school principal. Both decided he didn't meet the guidelines and requirements for being on the team.

While the school wouldn't reveal what this rules were, they said if they let him back on the team, it would be unfair to other team members who had fulfilled the requirements. We can only assume that his guidelines include attendance records and, since Travis was gone for several months, he would have missed a number of practices and school games, and possibly other events and fundraisers.

Travis and his mother are fighting back and hoping the school board will override the decision. According to TribLIVE, which reported the story, Travis said, "I want to be able to spend my senior year cheering with my friends."

While we applaud Travis' determination, we're not sure if we agree with his reasoning. According to the story, it seems as though Travis wasn't really on the varsity squad, or at least not for very long. He made the team and then quit to join another. When he could no longer cheer on the All Star squad because of an injury, he wanted to return to his high school squad.

That doesn't seem very fair because all of the other squad members have been working hard for months to stay on the team, and possibly had a hard time recovering from the disruption he caused when he quit. Should the coach be worried that he would quit again if he had the opportunity to re-join Smoed? Or, are we just being too harsh? Was Travis simply following his cheer dreams?

We want to know what you think: do you think Travis should be allowed back on his high school squad?
News Source: TribLIVE