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Winter 2013 Interactive Omni Catalog

Chassé Warmup Packages

Chassé is an unmistakable name in cheerleading, and Omni Cheer offers their high-quality warmups at an amazing low package price. Choose the warm up style that is right for your team, then do your happy dance when you see how much money you'll be saving!

The Chassé Warmup packages from Omni Cheer help your squad define unity, and save money! You won't find a lower price for all your cheer warmup essentials than the prices you find at Omni Cheer!

Omni Cheer warm-up packages are
only available through our sales office. Please call:


ChassÉ® Double-Knit WarmUp Package

  • Package Details
  • PDW06 (left)
  • 1 Double Knit X Warm-Up Jacket - 509DWJ
  • 1 Double Knit Warm-Up Pants - 506DWP
  • $51.90
  • Package Details
  • PDW02 (right)
  • 1 Double Knit V Warm-Up Jacket - 505DWJ
  • 1 Double Knit Warm-Up Pants - 506DWP
  • $50.90

ChassÉ® Double Knit Metallic WarmUp Package

  • Package Details
  • PDW03 (right)
  • 1 Metallic Crossover Double Knit Jacket - 510DWJ
  • 1 Double Knit Warm-Up Pants - 506DWP
  • $54.90
  • Package Details
  • PDW04 (left)
  • 1 Metallic Panel Double Knit Jacket - 511DWJ
  • 1 Double Knit Warm-Up Pants - 506DWP
  • $52.90

ChassÉ® Impact and Cyclone Metallic WarmUp Packages

  • Package Details
  • PDW12 (left)
  • 1 Metallic Cyclone Double Knit Jacket - 512DWJ
  • 1 Double Knit Pants - 506DWP
  • $52.90
  • Package Details
  • PDW14 (right)
  • 1 Metallic Impact Double Knit Jacket - 514DWJ
  • 1 Double Knit Pants - 506DWP
  • $56.90

Minimum order of 12 on all warm-up packages. All items sold as blank. Embroidery, rhinestone or screen printing are additional.

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