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Winter 2013 Interactive Omni Catalog
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Chasse Cheerleading Shoes

S1419 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> ProFlex Shoe
Chasse® ProFlex Shoe

Price: $41.95

S1321 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> Flip III Shoe
Chasse® Flip III Shoe

Price: $19.95

S1322 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> Pulse Shoe
Chasse® Pulse Shoe

Price: $16.95

S1221 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> Ace Shoe
Chasse® Ace Shoe

Price: $25.95

S1222 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> Star Shoe
Chasse® Star Shoe

Price: $22.95

S1328 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> Core Shoe
Chasse® Core Shoe

Price: $29.95

S1230 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> Cloud Shoe
Chasse® Cloud Shoe

Price: $19.95

S822 - Chasse<sup>®</sup> Rocket Shoe
Chasse® Rocket Shoe

Price: $9.97

Chassé Cheerleading Shoes

Chassé™ is not just a dance step or a word found in ballet terminology anymore. Chassé cheerleading shoes are made precisely for a cheerleader’s unique footwear needs. Omni Cheer has five classic styles of Chassé cheer shoes to choose from—with some customizable with your school’s colors!

Omni Cheer offers the lowest prices on Chassé cheerleading shoes, with up to 64% savings off retail price. These unique shoes are well-equipped to endure fierce cheerleading maneuvers, with shock absorption, extra cushioning, and superior traction for safety during stunts and tricks. Omni Cheer carries Chassé cheer shoes for adults and youth, so your team will be stylish and supported no matter their level.

 Live Love Cheer with Chasse Cheer Shoes

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