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Shapewear for Cheerleaders

Being a skilled cheerleader is all about maintaining your number one tool: your body. It’s your job to work hard to keep your body fit and healthy, and it’s your shapewear’s job to ensure you look great whether you’re cheering for the home team or competing in nationals.

Cheerleading shapewear includes various pieces like the illusion bra, illusion cheerleader spanks (briefs), and illusion cami. These pieces are made with a cotton/polyester/Lycra blend that perfectly combines comfort and support. The opaque, nude color of the fabric and virtually seamless contour keeps these unmentionable under-things quiet in the back ground. The illusion bra also has clear straps to curtail any peek-a-boo mishaps.

Shapewear for cheerleaders helps your team to remain comfortable, supported, and uniform. Wear these pieces together or interchangeably to create an effortlessly smooth shape and peace of mind.

Setting The Standard!

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