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Winter 2013 Interactive Omni Catalog

Cheerleading Accessories Packages

Omni Cheer’s accessory packages are great for cheerleaders and offer the comfort and coverage you need where you need it the most. All of the products featured in our accessory packages are constructed of high-quality materials and offer many customizable options, making sure you get the right gear at the right price. Packages starting as low as $10.95 and all of the items featured can be customized to match the style and colors of your squad.

Omni Cheer accessory packages are
only available through our sales office. Please call:


Accessory Package

  • Basics Accessory Package - OAH01
  • 1 Bow (AC242 or AC244)3
  • 1 Brief1 (BR100)
  • 1 Pair of Socks2
  • $10.25

Body Basics Accessory Package

  • Accessory Package - OAH04
  • 1 Cropped Bodysuit1 (BR400)
  • 1 Bow (AC242 or AC244)3
  • 1 Brief1 (BR100)
  • 1 Pair of Socks2
  • $23.00

Body Basics and Bow Accessory Package

  • Accessory Package - OAH03
  • 1 Bow (AC242 or AC244)3
  • 1 Cropped Bodysuit1 (BR400)
  • 1 Brief1 (BR100)
  • 1 Pair of Socks2
  • 2 Youth Poms (PI4416)
  • $30.90

6 package minimum for all accessory packages.

1Add $2 for 2XL. 2Includes socks IS121, IS354 or IS366, substitutions available. 3Substitutions available.

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